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Fake flowers are commonly perceived as the plastic sticks sold at dollar stores, a few petals of glued-on nylon at the end, though professional fake flowers offer much more than their low quality counterpart. Some people label artificial flowers as an artifice—a mock impression of nature’s most signature beauty. But the faux flower has nearly everything a flower does: eloquence, color, softness, and the appearance of true nature. Real flowers are missing a crucial quality that sets the artificial family apart—Longevity.

Lasting Memories: Getting married is a milestone experience in any lifetime, and the day should be as special as possible to commemorate the important event. This usually means bouquet after bouquet of expensive flowers (in addition to the boutonniere, corsage, table décor, etc.) being purchased and color coordinated, all to die just a few weeks after the ceremony. Faux flowers are timeless and remain in their picture-perfect state as long as they’re taken care of, and can be repurposed for later use.

Flowers with Muscle: Organic flowers are susceptible to being broken down, whether that’s falling apart from physical contact or by temperatures that’re too high or low. Made primarily from silk and polyester, the faux flowers are handcrafted and made to withstand short-term and long-term issues that would flaw a normal flower. Temperature won’t w

Real or Fake? Can you tell the difference?

arp their form, and an intense gust of wind won’t peal petals from the stems.

Saving Money, Saving Earth: A smaller wedding that has $650 worth of flowers would cost about $375 for an identical setup of artificial pieces. Although they’re half the cost of the natural flower, faux flowers are indistinguishable in appearance and survive immensely longer periods of time. They’re also economically more friendly, and healthier for the people that work with them. The floral industry spends planeloads of money transporting fresh flowers from country to country, although the flowers are nearing death as soon as they’re uprooted. Additionally, many international flower growers use harmful chemicals in their production stages that’re illegal in the United States, and cause health problems for employees.

The phrase “fake flowers” sounds cheap, flimsy, ugly, and useless. On the contrary, the art of faux florals has the advantage over the organic, and artificial flowers are on the rise. As visible in our website’s gallery, our faux flowers are colored in multiple shades to the tips of the petals, and look as realistic as any photo’d flower you’ve seen. The memories of any wedding will last forever, and so will the flowers if you go faux.

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