Your wedding does not need to be as expensive as the market has made them. Artificial flowers have significantly lower costs to that of real flowers. The majority of flowers in the United States are imported from Colombia and Ecuador, creating unnecessary service and transportation fees. “Real-touch” faux flower on the contrary, are designed to feel and look like real flowers; their petals are plush and soft. Traditional silk and polyester made flowers can also add a nice touch to any arrangement, creating the perfect display for any bride! 


From air freight emissions to employment fatality, the floral industry has a heavy eco-footprint. Commercially available flowers are grown primarily in Colombia and Ecuador, with 91% of operations using chemicals that are illegal in the States. Conversely, artificial flowers, made either from traditional silk or from polyester, are typically created from shaping molds and hand painted by artisan workers. The plastics that wrap the floral wire are environmentally sound, and there is very little risk for employees. Faux flowers are most commonly made in China, where the art begin in ancient times, and are transported throughout the world by boat. Their “forever-lasting” lives enable easy freight with low impact on emissions. 


Our mission at Afleur is to grant every bride and groom we serve a beautiful and stress free wedding that they've always wanted. In doing so, we believe that some tokens should last a lifetime. Our artificial bouquets and personal flowers do just that. No bride will ever have to worry about the inevitable wilt of real flowers, or falling apart before the snapshot of their first photo as husband and wife. Not only will the color last, so will the shape and form. This way, every bride's bouquet can be displayed in the happy couple's new home...FOREVER!

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